Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fry Render


The world of 3d rendering is changing all the time. As much as it stays the same, it changes constantly. That's always what's been fun about it for me. Like now there are some very interesting renderers coming out. Fryrender is a unbiased renderer which means it aims for a simulation approach to rendering. Maxwell is another render that works in a similar fashion. I think the thing I'm most curious about these kind of renders is how much time can they really save me? Reality takes you only so far. Clients demand a reality with style. Stlye just doenst happen its the end of many changes and many descsions. I want to know how these kinds of renders will help me and the people I work for make choices faster. It's going to be a fun that's all I know.

Here is a quick video showing Fry render in maya:

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