Wednesday, October 17, 2007

About Workflows

So I'm thinking that are 2 main ideas in how I work on jobs.
  1. Work to Done
  2. Work ahead, test before finish

Now these sound pretty simple and pretty obvious. But I dont they happen enough. Testing before finals is very important. For everyproject I comp. I always have my comp setup right after my first round of test renders. Now I can evaluate my renders in my comp and see how and int what ways I need to change things. I can also see where is the best place for me to make a change in render or in comp?

Working to done is the ultimate time saver. If I'm working on project I always try to have specfic goals set up for me to work on. Usally I just writ them in a list on a small sheet of paper. Then as I get things done I just cross them off.  Now I have something else to jump on to . So now I'm not wasting any time and I'm just knocking things off my list. It's a very good work habit.

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