Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The next big thing

So I'm thinking that I might need a new challenge here soon. Now I'm hoping that the new short I'm working on will be that challenge. Somehow I will have to keep it moving on and not let this die an early death. But that's the real trick isn't it. It's easy to have a side project. Keeping them organized and moving on is like having a job without a place to work. Having a time and a place to work on something like this with enough hours to actually get something done seems to be the hardest thing to do. Now throw a few other people into the mix and the task becomes down right impossible.
I have been thinking that some task based system would be great to divide up the work. Remember the Milk has some great task tools. But so far it seems a bit difficult to work with and for me that means that I just wont use it. I'm a big fan of Ta-Da list while they are simple they lack enough complexity to use with a group of people.
Another Idea to keep the motivation happening is to keep a blog of production. It'll be great to post stuff for other people to start to see whats going on. Now this so far is my favorite idea.

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